Sunday, January 6, 2019

One Awesome Thing

Sara Pennypacker WAYLON—One Awesome Thing (Pictures by Marla Frazee)

Our school selected the book Waylon, One Awesome Thing to send home with each of our students over winter break. The goal was to have them read it as a family and enjoy their time together. The book was recommended highly by our instructional coach and our Title I reading teacher. I had not read the book before, but I trusted their recommendation this would be a perfect fit for our students.

I quickly discovered I need a better word than perfect. The author’s message has many important themes including friendships, family, acceptance, and yes quiet purposeful leadership. I imagine a young reader finding the author's words encouraging and even inspiring. This book leaves this adult reader hopeful for young readers to discover examples of how to look at themselves as individuals with unique strengths to lead and discover their own pathways.

Here are a few treasures from Waylon that inspire the reader no matter the age.

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