Saturday, July 9, 2016

“Build yourself. Build your team. And together you will be . . . Built to Lead.”

David Long BUILT TO LEAD7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S Principal for becoming a Top 10% Manager 

David Long’s book Build to Lead offers management tips for becoming not just a supervisor but a leader who leads. He is a master storyteller and gives exemplars of those who have been close to him who have experienced the trials and joy of both failure and success in business endeavors, himself included. Each personal story in turn speaks to his management tips for not simply gaining success, but giving those around you the belief in themselves that they too are capable of great endeavors.

Long is also extremely passionate about supporting another’s success. Not necessarily giving applause when they have reached the summit, but rather cheering, inspiring, and nudging them as they trudge up the hill.  As much as he wants them to make it to the top, he would rather they learn along the way. Long wants them to notice what worked and learn from those insights.  He would then ask them to reflect to figure out what did not go so well and try again with a bit of grit and perseverance.

The “attitude of wanting more” to be the top is not for personal gain. Long understands a leader is one who gives of themselves in multiple acts of continuous service and is supportive of others around them. He gives the examples of book clubs he has facilitated in his own company. As time consuming as this was for a manager leading a busy company, the investment produced professional capital for employees’ both personal and professional growth.

“Build yourself. Build your team. And together you will be . . . Built to Lead.”

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