Sunday, August 9, 2015

Assessment Literacy

CORE Literacy Library ASSESSING READING: Multiple Measures
If you are currently working as an educator you might be familiar with: 
They incorporate new knowledge and implement cutting-edge ideas with scientifically based research on best practices.

Assessing Reading with Multiple Measures has been updated and revised for those who want to strategically improve their students reading achievement. This “indispensable resource” (back cover) can guide your next instructional steps. It is not only designed for assessing beginning readers, but for those readers who are not making adequate progress. Some of the highlights you can utilize right away include:

·      Assessment Sequence K-12 (Big Picture)
·      Phonics Screener (Diagnostic)
·      High Frequency Word Survey (Screening/Outcome)
·      Oral Reading Fluency (Indicator w/ Norms)
·      Vocabulary (Screening Comprehension)
·      Maze Comprehension (Reading Behaviors)
·      Problem Solving Sequence (If/Then Tools for Teachers)
·      Flowchart for Interventions (Assessment Driven Instruction)

CORE has also newly released Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures, 2nd Edition data entry forms. You can fill in and save these free PDF forms, allowing you to easily access the assessment results electronically. Here is the link to their website.

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