Saturday, December 27, 2014

Write as a Reflection of Our Own Learning

Angela Peery, Ed. D. WRITING MATTERS:--In Every Classroom

Now more than ever our students need to write as a reflection of their own learning.  The Common Core State Standards clearly outline what our students should know and be able to do at each grade level. Writing is the tool to articulate their thinking and understanding to prepare them for college and/or career readiness. Peery clearly explains why Writing Matters. “Writing enhances learning” (pg. 17). It is linked to higher achievement, supports content learning, and is essential for future success in our competitive global market.

What should teachers do? Peery recommends teachers need to include more opportunities to write in and out of the classroom. Teachers need to provide students with ample opportunities to deepen their understanding of content with writing to learn activities. It is “important for students to record their ideas, reflect upon their own learning, and grapple with unfamiliar content” (pg. 20). Students also benefit with learning to write activities which “result in more polished products” to “show content-area learning plus competency in a particular written form” (pg.21).

Peery also highly advises teachers to model both types of writing activities with think a-louds. She advocates teachers clearly outlining expectations with rubrics and specific feedback. These will guide students understanding of the process to support their learning of both content and the process.  Writing enhances critical thinking and increase reading comprehension, and Peery provides ideas for classroom teachers to increase student success.

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