Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Rider, The Elephant, and The Path

Chip Heath & Dan Health  SWITCH--How to Change Things When Change is Hard

It interesting when you learn about something new, your see if everywhere. For me it's the emotional elephant. He's large and in charge and sitting right in the middle of the Path. I could ignore him and hope he will get out of the way or at least get the hint. Although that is highly unlikely. 

For those that know me best I am the rational Rider, I am directing the elephant but often can't see the path around the elephants girth, and let's face it the elephant is much bigger than I am. If the six ton beast wants to go off the path, than that is where we are going. It can be an arduous journey.

An Elephant, a Rider, and a Path--what does this all mean? It's a simple metaphor for "How to Change Things When Change is Hard". In order to facilitate change you must:

Direct the Rider:  Find the Bright Spots, Make the Most of Strengths, Small Purposeful Steps, and Celebrate Each and Every Victory.

Motivate the Elephant: See-Feel-the Change, Shrink It,  Sequence It, Fuel it With Hope and let it Grow

Shape the Path: Tweak the Environment, Reward Wins and Near Wins, Change your Own Behavior, Rally the Herd to Join, and Look to System Changes rather than People Changes.

I am really not the Rider, I am sometimes the Elephant too, but it's my ability to get into the head of both to shape the Ride. Leadership is hard, but with  transformational growth mindset its invigorating.

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